Pepi I

Bronze statue of Pepi I and his sonThird pharaoh of the 6th Dynasty, succeeding his father Teti (with possible short, intervening reign of Userkare). Ascending the throne as a child, Pepi I ruled for at least 40 years (according to Manetho 53 years). The king contributed to building activities in sanctuaries throughout the land. Presumably this was a reaction to the increasing independence of the provinces with regard to the Residence. Pepi ordered expeditions into Wadi Hammamat, to Sinai and Nubia and kept up trade relations with the Near East.

The pyramid of Pepi I, called "Men-nefer-Pepi", is located in the south of Saqqara. Its associated pyramid town at the valley edge near Memphis gave this city its name ("Men-nefer") which occurs from the 18th Dynasty onwards.
Pepi I was succeeded by his son Merenre.