UserkafFirst ruler of the 5th Dynasty, who ruled either 7 years (Turin papyrus list) or 28 years (Manetho). Presumably Userkaf descended from Redjedef (son and successor of Khufu of the 4th dynasty) and married Khentkaues, possibly a daughter of king Menkaure. Little is known of political events during Userkaf's reign. Five important events that happened during the first years of his rule, concerning temple building, gifts and a fortress at Elephantine, have been recorded in the annals. The best known monument from the king's reign is the sun-temple at Abusir, which set the model for the 5th Dynasty cult of the sun-god Re. The pyramid complex of Userkaf is located at Saqqara, to the north-east of Djoser's pyramid. The posthumous cult of Userkaf seems to have ended within the 5th Dynasty. Userkaf was succeeded by Sahure, presumably his son.