Her name meaning "the house of the god Horus". Hathor was primarily the cow goddess of heaven, whose speckeled belly formed the starry sky. She was often represented with cow's horns, cow's ears, a cow's head, or as a cow. Hathor was also the goddess of joy, love and music. She was identified with the goddess of the necropolis in the western mountains at Thebes and at Saqqara. Aside from her joyous and loving aspects, the mythical Hathor was also the eye or daughter of Re, who avenged mankind's disrespect to the sun god, relenting only after red-coloured beer had quenched her bloodthirst and rendered her drunken. The main centre of her cult was at Dendera. In the form of her statue, she made a yearly voyage to the south to meet her husband, Horus of Edfu.