Nubian Salvage Campaign

Drowned templesWhen Egypt started to build a large dam in the Nile to the south of Aswan in 1960, to replace a smaller dam which had been there since 1902, the UNESCO issued an appeal to the international community to rescue the antiquities of Lower Nubia which would be lost to the waters of Lake Nasser. An area of more than 500 km needed to be investigated and its principal monuments moved to dry locations. The campaign was a success and it led to the rapid documentation of the archaeological and historical remains, and a total of 23 monuments were dismantled and moved. Among these were the colossal temples of Abu Simbel, built by Ramesses II, and the temple island of Philae, built under the Ptolemies. Four temples were donated to those nations who had contributed the largest effort. In this way, the Netherlands received the temple of Taffeh, which was rebuilt inside the RMO.