Pepi II

Pepi II and his mother Queen Ankh-nes-meryre II. Alabaster statue. From the Brooklyn Museum of Art.Fifth king of the 6th Dynasty, son of Pepi I. Still a child, Pepi II succeeded his half brother Merenre as king. According to ancient king lists, Pepi II ruled for 94 (!) years. On the basis of other ancient sources, however, the correct number is believed to be 64 years.
An endearing testament of the king's youth has been preserved in the correspondence with his contemporary Harkhuf, which recorded the boy-king's great desire to see a "dancing dwarf" (pigmy) which was brought back from an expedition to the south. During Pepi's long reign, the empire started to dissolve. Only a few royal initiatives are mentioned in the decrees of that time. Trade relations with neighbouring countries proved to be increasingly difficult.
The king's pyramid complex is located at the southernmost point of Saqqara. Pepi II was succeeded by Nemtiemsaf II, presumably his son by his wife (and half sister) Neith.