PtahPtah was the main god of the city of Memphis. He had an anthropomorphic form, wearing a close-fitting garment (and thereby almost resembling a mummy), blue skullcap, straight beard and attributes such as a staff. As a result of Memphis being the royal capital, Ptah gained importance throughout Egypt. The god was not often represented in mythology, the Memphite region however being the exception. One belief was the creation of the world through the word of Ptah, mentioned in the Coffin Texts. Ptah was associated with artistic abilities and therefore especially venerated in places where arts and crafts were performed. In the Memphitic region Ptah was part of a divine family, with Sakhmet as his wife and Nefertem as his son. Ptah was associated with several other gods, for instance Sokar and Osiris, with whom he formed the trinity god of resurrection, Ptah-Sokar-Osiris.