TetiFirst ruler of the 6th Dynasty. The duration of his reign remains uncertain: sources give periods of 6 months (Turin papyrus list) to 33 years (Pseudo-Eratosthenes). Most likely is a reign of around 12 years. It is believed that his marriage to Iput, daughter of Unas, legitimized Teti's claim to the throne.
Little is known of Teti's reign. At Abydos, he exempted the temple of taxes. Teti was the first king known to be associated with the cult of Hathor at Dendera. There is some evidence of commercial relations with Byblos.
According to Manetho, Teti was murdered. This is not unlikely, in view of the political polarization of his time, though evidence does not exist. The pyramid of Teti is located at Saqqara, to the north-east of Djoser's pyramid. Of its associated buildings little remains. The funerary cult of Teti revived in the early Middle Kingdom and especially in the 19th Dynasty. The successor of Teti was his son Pepi I, possibly after a short intervening reign of king Userkare