Walter Bryan Emery (1903-1971)

Walter Bryan EmeryAfter a study at Liverpool, Emery first went to Egypt in 1923 to help with the excavations at Amarna . He soon became director of fieldwork at Luxor and Armant, then director of the Archaeological Survey of Nubia (1929-1935) where he worked at Quban, Ballana and Qustul. As Director of Excavations at Saqqara (1935-1939), Emery investigated the early dynastic tombs. After the war and a diplomatic career, Emery worked at Saqqara 1953-1956, in the Sudan (Buhen, Qasr Ibrim), to return to Saqqara in 1964 where he found the enclosure of the sacred animals. Emery was professor of Egyptology in London from 1951-1970.