Prof. Dr René Cappers

René Cappers studied biology at the University of Groningen and specialized in plant ecology and archaeobotany. He studied the modeling of the transition to farming in the Near East and the Roman trade with Africa south of the Sahara, Arabia and India. Recent archaeobotanical research in the Near East was carried out in Turkey (including Ilıpınar, Menteşe, Barcın Höyük, Güvercinkayasi and Tepecik), Syria (Sabi Abyad), Egypt (Theban Desert Road and the Fayum), Greece (Geraki) and Italy (Lazio and Calabria). Since 2002 he is co-director, together with Dr. Willeke Wendrich (UCLA), of the Fayum Project. This project includes excavations at the Neolithic sites Kôm W and Kôm K (and its associated upper K pits), an excavation at the Greek-Roman settlement Karanis (Kôm Aushim) and surveys in the surrounding desert. Works at the University of Groningen, and since 2007 holds the special chair of Palaeoecology of the Near East at Leiden University.