Dr Ilona Regulski

Dr Ilona RegulskiBorn in Hasselt (Belgium) on 22-10-1975. Studied Near Eastern Studies and Egyptology at the University of Leuven (Belgium). Is Assistant Director for Archaeology/Egyptology at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo since 2005. Presented her PhD in October 2007 on the origins and early development of hieroglyphic writing in Egypt. Is specialized in the script, history and archaeology of the Early Dynastic period. Became interested in the early underground structures below the New Kingdom tombs in the Dutch concession area when working on the inscriptions from the tomb of Ninetjer to the north with the German expedition.
Joined the Saqqara expedition in spring 2008 in order to investigate these underground complexes. Works as an epigrapher on other sites as well: Elkab, Edfu in the south of Egypt; Asyut in Middle Egypt, Tell Iswid and Tell Farkha in the Delta.