Still to be found

Through stelae, statues and relief-blocks, which are present in museum-collections, it is possible to determine which tomb owners had their tombs built in Saqqara. When these objects were found and shipped to museums all over the world, it was often not recorded where exactly they originate from, except for a rough indication like 'Saqqara'. Numerous tombs have since then disappeared beneath the drifting desert sands, but not from our memory, resulting in the list below. Besides these tombs there are still tombs to be found of which we have no knowledge at all to this day. We have no objects in museums of these tombs and the names of their owners are still unknown to us.

The list shown below was originally published in G. T. Martin's book 'The Hidden Tombs of Memphis' (1992).

Tomb of ... Function(s) Date
Amenemone First chief in Memphis, general of the Lord of the Two Lands, steward in the temple of Tuthmosis III, etc. Late Eighteenth Dynasty
Amenhotep called Huy High steward in Memphis, etc. Time of Amenhotep III
Harmose Steward of the Lord of the Two Lands Nineteenth Dynasty
Horemheb Royal scribe, fanbearer on the right of the King, steward Time of Ramesses I
Hori High-priest of Ptah Ramesside
Hormin Overseer of the royal apartments of the harim at Memphis, true royal scribe, etc. Early Nineteenth Dynasty
Iny Overseer of goldworkers of the Lord of the Two Lands, one who knows the secrets in the house of gold, etc. Late Eighteenth Dynasty
Ipy High steward, fanbearer on the right of the King, etc. Late Eighteenth Dynasty
Iry Scribe of Usermaatre-setepenre [Ramesses II] in the domain of Amun Ramesside
Kairy Chief of chariot-makers, overseer of a workshop in the armoury, etc. Nineteenth Dynasty
lurokhy True royal scribe, general Ramesside
Merymery Custodian of the treasury of Memphis Probably time of Amenhotep III
Meryptah High-priest of Ptah Late Eighteenth Dynasty
Meryre Overseer of nurses of the good god [Pharaoh], etc. Probably time of Amenhotep III
Niay Royal scribe, priest of Sekhmet in the temple of Sekhmet Nineteenth Dynasty
Pagerger Chief of chisellers Nineteenth Dynasty
Parahotep (or Rahotep) Governor of the town [the capital city], vizier Time of Ramesses II
Penrennut Chief of police Ramesside
Ptahemhab and Amenemhab Chiefs of goldworkers Nineteenth Dynasty
Ptahemhet called Ty High-priest of Ptah Late Eighteenth Dynasty
Ptahmose High-priest of Ptah, etc. Time of Amenhotep III
Ptahmose Royal scribe of the treasury, overseer of the cattle of Amun, etc. Nineteenth Dynasty
Ptahmose High steward of the temple of Ramesses II in the domain of Ptah, etc. Ramesside
Ramessesemperre Fanbearer on the right of the King, royal butler, etc. Ramesside
Ramose Scribe of recruits of the Lord of the Two Lands, deputy of the temple Nineteenth Dynasty
Roy Chief of bowmen, overseer of horses, etc. Late Eighteenth Dynasty
Sayempeteref Chief of goldworkers of the estate of Sety I Ramesside
Serbykhen Priest of Amun, Astarte, and Baal, etc. Ramesside
Sety Sword-bearer [in front of] the Lord of the Two Lands, armour-bearer of the company, 'Ruler-in-the-Two-Lands' Nineteenth Dynasty
Tjunery Overseer of works on all monuments of the King, royal scribe, etc. Time of Ramesses II
Wesy Standard-bearer of the ship, 'Front-of-the-beauty-of-Amun', chief of bowmen of the Lord of the Two Lands, etc. Time of Amenhotep III