Substructure of Horemheb's tomb

A subterranean complex opens in the floor of the inner courtyard. This comprises a 10.25 m deep shaft leading (via a second pit and corridor) to a decorated tomb-chamber for Horemheb's first wife. A side passage gives access to another succession of vestibules and stairs, ending with a pillared hall (depth 21.09 m). This in its turn contains another shaft of 7 m depth, leading to an unfinished tomb-chamber. A female skeleton and the bones of a foetus found on the edge of the latter shaft have been identified as the remains of Mutnodjmet and her still-born child. The whole complex contained numerous fragments of the original burial gifts, including several objects with royal names. Parts of the tomb were later used for Late Period burials or as hermitages for monks of the nearby Monastery of Apa Jeremias.