Superstructure of Iniuia's tomb

Iniuia's tomb is situated south of that of Horemheb. It was built in mudbrick and measures 9.5 x 8.5 m. It consists of a simple mud-paved courtyard without pylon, peristyle or wall decoration, with an asymmetrical west end comprising a central chapel and an extra painted chapel at the north-west corner. The latter is barrel-vaulted and has well-preserved paintings showing Iniuia offering to Osiris, Horakhte and other gods. The battered walls of the central chapel rose to form a small pyramid of about 6 m high, the tip of which is now in the Louvre. Two columns (in Berlin) helped to carry the weight of this pyramid. Remains of the chapel's wall-reliefs could be recovered; other parts are in the Cairo Museum, which also holds one of the stelae flanking the entrance to the chapel.