Substructure of Khay's tomb

The shaft of Khay lies immediately in front of the antechapel and is 5.13 m deep. It gives access to five chambers which lie in a semicircle around the shaft and are interconnected(a, b, c, d and e). All of them are irregular in form and only roughly finished. Both the shaft and one of the chambers break through into an adjacent burial-chamber which may have belonged to a relative of the tomb-owner, perhaps his son Piay (Tia B). The shaft and chambers had been robbed in antiquity but even so their clearance was most rewarding. Thus a group of twenty shabtis was found (two in faience, eighteen in wood), inscribed for Piay. There were also parts of a precious openwork mummy cover inscribed for a lady Tabuu. The lavish use of gold leaf on this object suggests that Khay managed to keep for himself some of the material found during his work in the mines.