Tomb of Khay II (found in 2009)

Khay (designated as Khay II in order to distinguish him from his namesake whose tomb was found in 1986) was connected to the temple of the Memphite town god, Ptah. He served the god as ‘pure priest of the front of Ptah', presumably meaning that he carried the front part of the god's bark during periodical processions. Pure priests (Egyptian wab) belonged to the lower clergy and often did their temple duties as a part-time job. Thus Khay seems to have a second title, that of ‘chief gardener of the garden of Pharaoh in Memphis'. The rather modest proportions of Khay's tomb-chapel confirm that he was not a rich man. The chapel was built against the south exterior wall of Horemheb's forecourt and Second Pylon. Its floor lies about 1 metre above that of Horemheb, indicating that he must have lived in the Ramesside period when the level of the desert surface had been raised considerably by dumping rubble excavated during the construction of tomb-shafts and underground chambers.