Substructure of Khay's tomb

For his substructure Khay reused a large shaft probably dating to the Old Kingdom. It had already become overbuilt by Horemheb's massive south wall, which runs over a bridge formed by one of the original covering slabs which had been upended on its long side. The now bisected shaft (one half lying on Horemheb's forecourt and the other on that of Khay) was made accessible again by constructing a parabolic arch in the masonry of Horemheb's wall, and then constructing some steps down this vault from the level of Khay's forecourt. The Expedition tried to excavate the shaft in 2010, but gave up because of the dangerous condition of the shaft's revetment and the cracks in the ‘bridge'. This means that we have no information on the depth of the shaft or the layout of the subterranean chambers.