Tomb of Maya & Merit (found in 1986)

Maya was Overseer of the Treasury and Overseer of Works during the reign of the boy-king Tutankhamun (1333-1323 B.C.). This made him responsible for Egypt's home affairs at the unsettled time following the heresy of King Akhenaten, who had closed all the temples and only adored the sun god Aten. It was Maya who helped to re-establish the traditional cults and who fashioned new statues for the numerous sanctuaries throughout Egypt, while his colleague, the General Horemheb , pacified the revolting foreign countries. At Tutankhamun's death, Maya was responsible for the royal burial, which contained objects inscribed with his name. Then we lose track of Maya, but he was certainly back in office when Horemheb became the new pharaoh four years later. Maya seems to have died around year 9 of Horemheb's reign (c. 1310 B.C.). His wife Meryt had predeceased him and since the couple had two daughters only, the funeral was led by Maya's half-brother Nahuher.