Tomb of Meryneith/Meryre (found in 2001)

Excavation of the tomb of MeryneithThe tomb of Meryneith, excavated from 2001 to 2003, lies east of the tomb of Horemheb. The owner started his career under king Akhenaten (1353-1335 BC) as Steward of the Temple of Aten and Scribe of the Temple of Aten in Akhet-aten (and) in Memphis. The latter title might imply that he worked for a while in Akhenaten's new capital at Amarna. After the King's death, he continued work at his Saqqara tomb under the new ruler Tutankhamun. He was now Greatest of Seers [i.e. high priest] of the Aten and High Priest of the Temple of Neith. The exact position of this tomb had hitherto been unknown, although its existence was known from some loose finds. Three blocks from the tomb were found by Mariette in 1850, five further blocks are in Berlin (nos. 2070 and 12694), in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (21.2.25), in the Oriental Institute Museum at Chicago (no. 10595) and in a private collection, and a ninth fragment was recently found at about 100 m from the site.