Tomb of anonymous official (found in 2013)

This tomb is situated to the south of the tomb of Meryneith , to the west of that of Tatia , and to the east of the tomb of Pay and Raia. It is built in mud-brick and measures about 10.9 m from north to south and 15.1 m from east to west. The tomb shows all the signs of being unfinished and has no reliefs or inscriptions in the entrance gateway or courtyard. Thus the courtyard has a simple rubble floor, there is no colonnade and no wall revetment, and only the eastern entrance and the single western chapel have limestone paving.


The chapel was originally surmounted by a mud-brick pyramid and had limestone revetment. The latter was likewise unfinished and was largely robbed away, thereby depriving us of any indications about the original tomb-owner. Both the style of the extant reliefs and the construction in mud-brick seem to date the tomb to the end of Dynasty 18. We can also see that it was built before Raia constructed the forecourt to the tomb of his father Pay. The pyramid was very much in his way and Raia therefore dismantled it down to pavement level.