Superstructure of Pabes' tomb

The tomb-chapel of Pabes has a tripartite plan. The central, and largest, of the three chapels served as the offering-room. The side-chapels were no mere magazines, because they also comprise relief decorations. Moreover, one of the chapels seems to have contained the cow statue now in the Leiden Museum. The tomb as a whole bridges the distance between the tombs of Horemheb in the south and Ramose in the north. Like the chapel of Khay, it stands on a platform of rubble, about 85 cm above the pavement level of its neighbours. The architecture of Pabes' tomb is mediocre, the limestone blocks are roughly worked, and are held together with liberal applications of plaster. The most interesting decorative elements are a stela against the west wall of the central chapel and a harbour scene showing the unloading of ships on the north wall.