Superstructure of Paser's tomb

Paser's mudbrick tomb is a relatively simple affair. It was discovered in 1980, due west of the monument of Horemheb and measures about 7 x 11 m. It consists of a forecourt, screened off from an open courtyard with central burial-shaft, and an offering-chapel flanked by two storerooms. The offering-chapel is the only element to have limestone pavement and revetment. The various wall-panels had fallen down but could be re-assembled by the expedition. The decoration proved to be restricted to the inscribed door-jambs and two pillars, an unfinished stela against the west wall, and a sketch in black paint on the north wall. A large stela now in the British Museum must have stood against the wall between the chapel and the north storeroom. It shows Paser and his brother Tjunery adoring the god Osiris, with other members of the family below.


The tomb of Paser