Superstructure of Pay & Raia's tomb

Originally, the tomb consisted of a vestibule leading into a peristyle courtyard, with a single north-east chapel flanking the vestibule and three further offering-chapels in the west. The vestibule and the corner chapels have mudbrick vaults and painted walls. The courtyard and the central chapel with its small pyramid had limestone wall-revetment with relief decoration, parts of which have been preserved. The superstructure measured 17.50 m from east to west and 10.50 m across. Then Raia added an outer courtyard of another 6 m long, provided with two stelae (now in Berlin) and a new eastern gateway. The original doorway was furnished with new jambs, the pyramidion was replaced, and some of the existing pictures were painted over. Although this rather looks like an usurpation, it is probably better to regard this procedure as a pious association of father and son.