Most interesting finds from Raia's tomb

Raia and his wife were buried in rock-cut chambers at the bottom of the 4.5 m deep shaft in front of the chapel. This had been entered by robbers long ago. All that was left of Raia's funerary equipment were two faience shabtis found in the underground chambers and a part of a shabti in the vicinity of his tomb (see photo). These show the tomb-owner as a mummy with a striated tripartite wig. The arms are crossed over the chest and the hands hold hoes and a sandbag. Thus the figurines are ready to take Raia's place when the latter was called for menial labour in the hereafter. The text inscribed in one column on the back and four lines over the front and sides is derived from Book of the Dead spell 6. This addresses the shabtis in order to cause them to work on behalf of their owner, the overseer of singers of Ptah Raia. The pale green colour with purple details is characteristic for the early 19th Dynasty.