Superstructure of Raia's tomb

Tomb of RaiaRaia's monument merely consists of a forecourt (doubtless enclosed by a mud-brick wall but now almost completely open) and a small offering-chapel of 1.50 x 1.80 m. The latter is built in limestone orthostats with relief decoration on the inner faces; there must have been an exterior wall, perhaps again constructed in mudbrick.

The chapel has an open front with two small columns almost blocking the doorway. The reliefs represent a burial procession on the south wall and an offering scene on the north wall. The west wall is occupied by a stela flanked by two large figures of the deceased. An interesting scene on the south wall depicts Raia playing the harp before the Memphite gods Ptah and Hathor. A number of blind singers accompanying the burial procession clearly represent Raia's colleagues of the temple choir.