Substructure of Ramose's tomb

The substructure of the tomb consists of a 10 m deep shaft in the centre of the inner courtyard. This leads to a succession of four chambers at various levels, linked by means of an internal stairway and shaft. The total depth of this complex is 20.55 m. The rock walls of the main burial chamber have limestone revetment. Some fragments of shabtis and a canopic jar prove that Ramose was actually buried here. The tomb comprises a subsidiary shaft in the north-east corner of the inner courtyard, originally perhaps of Old Kingdom date like the main shaft. This was re-used as a Late Period burial complex and contained a plain limestone sarcophagus , dozens of uncoffined mummies, and hundreds of poor faience shabtis. A robber's break-through in the north wall led to the discovery of the tomb of Maya , likewise in 1986.

Substructure of the tomb of Ramose