Superstructure of Ramose's tomb

The tomb is situated on the north side of Horemheb 's, along its western end. The superstructure is 23 m long and 8.8 m wide. It consists of an outer courtyard, an inner courtyard, and three chapels (the central one with two columns, probably to carry the weight of a small pyramid on the roof). All walls are built in mudbrick ; there are no pylons but instead the gateways have westward returns for the walls to appear thicker. The floors are of compacted mud, except for the central chapel which had proper limestone paving. Likewise, limestone revetment (now completely robbed away) was restricted to the central chapel and the walls flanking its entrance. This may be due to the unfinished state of the tomb. The Berlin stela originally stood against the west wall of the outer courtyard, where the remains of a companion piece are still extant. During the 19th Dynasty, Tia demolished Ramose 's outer courtyard to make way for the construction of his own pyramid.