Substructure of the tomb of Sethnakht

The shaft leading to the burial-chambers opens in the centre of the courtyard. It is 7.4 m deep and has three chambers (A-C) in the south and one in the north (D). Chambers A and D contained some sand from the shaft, but the others rooms were found almost empty, doubtless as a result of previous plundering. Tell-tale signs of such an intrusion by robbers were the presence of a dry-stone wall stacked around the shaft's upper aperture (already dismantled in 2010) and of a break-through in the south wall of Chamber A. The latter leads to two further New Kingdom complexes located further south, but was closed off by the Expedition.

Chamber A is a square room with a raised mummy-niche along the south wall and a doorway to Chamber B in the west. Chamber B has a 1.9 m deep sarcophagus pit in the floor and a further mummy-niche (C) in the south. Chamber D is also just a small mummy-niche. The shallow stratum of debris covering the floors of these chambers contained quite a quantity of smashed limestone slabs, presumably once closing off the various doorways and the sarcophagus pit (where one such slab was still in position).