Superstructure of the tomb of Sethnakht

The tomb consists of a rectangular courtyard with three offering chapels to the west for the offering cult. The courtyard has a flooring of limestone pavement and a rectangular shaft in the middle. The central chapel contains a raised platform with cavetto cornice along its rim. The two side chapels have mud floors and show the remains of brick vaults. The limestone revetment in the central chapel has been completely robbed away, while the slabs that are still in situ along the walls of the courtyard, as well as the pilasters and door-jambs, are blank and for the most part never even smoothed to make way for the sculptors.

In front of the courtyard lies the extra thick and extra wide wall of the fa├žade. Westward returns along the entrance gateway made this wall look even thicker. Probably, it was the intention to draw it up to a greater height than the other walls, so that it would have looked as a proper pylon. The gateway again has unfinished revetment of roughly dressed limestone blocks. It can clearly be seen how the masons first finished the central chapel and the west part of the courtyard, as being the most essential element for the funerary cult, and then moved to the eastern entrance and the lateral walls of the courtyard. This is exactly the work order which we have reconstructed for the tombs of Meryneith and Ptahemwia, and further confirms our impression that all three tombs were built more or less simultaneously.