Most interesting finds from Tatia's tomb

Funerary papyrus
No objects belonging to the tomb-owner or his family were found in Tatia's subterranean complex. However, this does not mean that no inscribed objects were found. Two crumpled-up sheets of papyrus, which may have been blown in when tomb-robbers left the shaft open after their depredations, bore the name of a certain Suner. Unfortunately, his title cannot yet be understood, though he was a ‘chief' of some kind. One of the sheets bears a copy of Book of the Dead chapter 25, the other of spell 168 which is better known as part of the so-called Book of Caverns. This was a funerary book mainly used for the decoration of royal tombs of the Ramesside period, though a few rare private copies are known. One of these, in the Museum at St Petersburg, belongs to another person called Suner, who seems to have a different title from the one recorded on the present fragment.