Superstructure of Tatia's tomb

The tomb was constructed on a bed of rubble, on top of which were laid limestone slabs to form the floor and foundation. Orthostats were used to construct the walls. A single course of these is still extant, forming the complete perimeter of the chapel, with only some elements of a second course being preserved. The chapel has the shape of a simple rectangle with open front, though two square pillar bases indicate that originally the front showed three narrow doorways. Remains of two doorjambs are decorated with standing figures of the tomb-owner. The interior walls bear offering scenes, a scene of the funeral on the right, and an attractive depiction of an orchestra on the left. This scene with singers, flutist and harper is accompanied by 16 columns of text giving the text of the song. Finally, the rear wall is largely occupied by an almost complete stela of about 1.2 m in height, showing the deceased offering to Osiris and Re-Horakhte and receiving a meal himself. The whole chapel measures 2.4 m in width and 1.6 m in length.