Substructure of Tia & Tia's tomb

The main shaft opens in the inner courtyard and gives access to an antechamber, followed by a ramp leading to three further chambers. The maximum depth of this complex is 13 m. The main burial-chamber had a large sarcophagus-pit in the floor; additional pits for burials were constructed later. Foremost among the finds from this complex are fragments of Tia's black granite sarcophagus (another fragment is in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek in Copenhagen) and shabtis of husband and wife. Obviously, this complex had been heavily plundered by tomb robbers. Part of their spoils were retrieved in 2004, in a heap on the forecourt of the adjacent tomb of Horemheb. This robbers' dump proved to contain additional elements of Tia's sarcophagus, shabtis and canopic jars of both husband and wife, skeletal material, and the coffin and bones of several pet monkeys. Two subsidiary shafts, once topped with small chapels of their own, were cut in the outer courtyard for two of Tia's retainers. The southern shaft, belonging to Tia's secretary Iurudef, could be excavated in 1985; the northern one is too unstable to be entered. Two similar shafts were excavated on the forecourt in 2007, but these did not provide any inscribed material. Both of these shafts were associated with a freestanding stela, of which the northern one partly survives.