Superstructure of Tia & Tia's tomb

The tomb's superstructure measures 45.30 m from east to west and 11,75 m across. It consists of an eastern gateway leading to a forecourt, a flimsy pylon preceded by a portico, an outer courtyard separated by a screen wall from a peristyle inner courtyard, three offering chapels (the central one with a two-columned antechapel), and finally a 6.35 m high pyramid. An exterior stairway led to a roof terrace facing the pyramid. All masonry (except for the mudbrick forecourt) is constructed in limestone. The walls consist of inner and outer orthostats, bonded by an internal core of gypsum mortar and limestone chippings. The inner wall-faces have limestone reliefs of rather bad quality. Many bad patches were repaired in gypsum, with the positive result that a lot of original colour has survived. Representations comprise portraits of the King (pylon) and offering scenes including husband and wife (courtyards and chapels). The south chapel was devoted to the cult of the Apis bull and shows a boating scene and a cort├Ęge of nine gods.