2017 Digging Diaries


The Dutch-Italian excavation team will be in Saqqara from 15 March to 27 April. The plans for fieldwork are as follows:

  1. To clear the area to the north of the tomb of Maya & Merit.
  2. To finalize the clearance of the area south of the tomb of Meryneith.
  3. To continue clearance between the anonymous chapel (Tomb X) and the tomb of Sethnakht further east, including the subterranean chambers of the new shaft found in 2015.
  4. To consolidate the superstructure of Tomb X, followed by backfilling (for optimal protection).
  5. To continue the study and photography of reliefs, pottery and bones found at previous seasons, including some blocks and objects currently in the Imhotep Museum storerooms.
  6. Training of two young inspectors on the site.

 New Digging Diaries will be added on the following dates:

- Week 1
- March 17
- by field director Maarten Raven

- Week 4
- April 7
- by field director Maarten Raven
- Week 2
- March 22 and March 23
- by team member Ali Jelene Scheers,
   plus extra photos
- March 24
- by field director Paolo Del Vesco
- Week 5
- April 14 (Good Friday)
- by Nico Staring
- Week 3
- March 29
  a few snapshots
- March 31
  by team member Valentina Gasparini
- Week 6
- April 21
- by field directors Paolo Del Vesco and Lara Weiss
  - Week 7
- April 27
- by team member Daniel Soliman
- April 28
- by field directors Paolo Del Vesco and Lara Weiss
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The excavation partners will also post regular updates: